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Making a Difference

KET programs and services help people improve their lives every day. But you don’t have to take our word for it. On these pages, Kentuckians tell their own compelling and inspiring stories of how KET has helped them achieve goals, become more effective in their own work, or simply get more out of life.

Teacher Alexandra Farhadian with her students via video conference

A Wellspring of Resources

While much, including our educational system, has changed dramatically in recent months, fourth graders at Lexington's Meadowthorpe Elementary are keeping to their weekly tradition of watching KET's News Quiz program, which familiarizes them with current events.

Boy on a computer looking at the learn at home website

Navigating Extraordinary Times Together

Never before has KET’s mission to inform, connect and educate been more essential. As Kentuckians cope with the COVID-19 public health crisis, KET stands alongside our viewers and communities to provide informational and educational resources to help us all navigate these uncharted waters.

Photo of Lora Suttles

Worthwhile Causes

"I've seen how KET opens doors for people, particularly here in the mountains. That's what KET did for me as a child -- it opened my mind and allowed me to go places and experience things I never otherwise would have had a chance to do or see." - Lora Suttles

Photo of Transmitter

Protecting Kentucky

"The best warning system is one that works in multiple ways -- and KET's transmission network is part of the backbone of our communications with the general public." - Joe Sullivan, National Weather Service's warning coordination meteorologist in Louisville

Photo of Susan Elkington

Getting Up to Speed

It’s so important to introduce kids at a young age to the concepts of STEM. And KET’s programs do that. They allow children to have fun and to learn without really realizing that they’re learning. -Susan Elkington